Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Twisted Disney Princess

When the first time I looked these pictures, only 1 word I could say 'cool'.
So, you better check them out:

This is Mulan
The Chinesse girl become like this

This is Ariel
The Mermaid girl..

This is Princess Aurora
The Sleeping Beauty..

This is Belle
Belle means beautiful. Is she beautiful? I don't think so.

This is Cinderella
That's why Tata Young said 'I don't wanna be like Cinderella..'

This is Jasmine
The Princess from 1001 nights..

This is Pocahontas.
The wild girl..

This is a Snow White
She looks like the witch.

Please give some comments for those pictures..

4 komentar:

Puji Setiyatno said...

emang ya?? hmmm

Tyaz is Fun said...

emang ya??

Puji Setiyatno said...

perasaan film_nya gak gitu deh..mungkin ini tokoh" abis kiamat kali ya..hihihi

Tyaz is Fun said...

itulah knapa gw demen..
YG real2 ajah dweh..
hari gni mah g ada putri2 & pangeran2 gtu..

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