Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Have Fun Just A Lil' While

Last Sunday, I was get bored. I sent an SMS to my close friend, ce' Lia.
We decided to go to Tunjungan Plaza, she wanted to buy a backpack.
She went to Eiger store, and I went to Converse store.
I need a new canvas shoes. 'THE BUSUK' need a new sist..
But, there wasn't impress me much.
So, I went after ce' Lia to Eiger store.
She bought a backpack. Cool..

We visited many stores..
Just to window shopping.
Coz I just brought Rp 150.000, it's not enought to buy many things.

Ce' Lia was getting starved, we decided to go to Pizza Hut.
Bought Sensasi Delight there..
And these are some picts of it..
We love Pizza..
These our meals..


Ce' Lia & Me

After having some Pizza, we had to go home..
Coz ce' Lia's Mom was geting mad.
Well, I wish next Saturday we could go to have some Pizza again..

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